AC 2012 – InterActiveSoundScape

The Architecture Challenge Program was organized as a 6 day, intense event. The ambition has been to design a kinematic and responsive parametric installation by combining structures developed in Grasshopper in connection with Arduino. Introduction to Rhino / Grasshopper / Arduino / Firefly was followed by project design development in groups and daily reviews. In the final product, environmental sound is recorded through sensors and processed through the Arduino platform. Servomotors activate and reshape the membrane surface geometry.



Andrei Gheorghe, Irina Bogdan, Galo Moncayo, Bence Pap, Philipp Reinsberg


Federica Altobelli, Jiri Vitek, Petrit Pasha, Rasoul Daryanavard, Ahmed Rihan, Mohamed Rihan, Iwin CF Ying, Simina Dimcea, Agus Jayadi Jap, Thomas Pagkratis, Ryan Hughes, Michele Montali, Natalia López Ernst, Elise Elsacker, Wilhelm Neusser, Alexandra Timpau

© Images: AC13 Instructors and students