AC 2011 – Tectonic Explorations

The Architecture Challenge 2011 workshop was organized as a six day event with 22 international students and 6 tutors. Architectural Design was taught as an integrated, multidisciplinary process, the design process was enriched with structural testing of parametric models in Karamba, a structural analysis plugin for Grasshopper. The handling of virtual simulation methods in the fields of parametric and digital production was the primary focus of the workshop.

Introduction to Rhino/Grasshopper/Karamba was followed by project design development and daily reviews of student group projects which entered into a competition mode. The selected project was fabricated and assembled as a group effort. The event closed with an exhibition and presentation with guests. The output was a parametrically designed and digitally produced human scale structure fabricated out of corrugated cardboard.



Irinna Bogdan, Andrei Gheorghe, Bence Pap, Trevor Patt

External Experts:

Moritz Heimrath, Clemens Preisinger


Shota Tsikoliya, Lenka Januskova, Clemens Conditt, Tuğgen Kukul, Maria Smigielska, Ceren Yönetim, Maciej Chmara, Oana Bogatan, Djordje Stanojevic, Rene Meszarits, Andreas Quast, Marco Pizzichemi, Zhenyu Yan, Jiří Vítek, Johanna Jõekalda, Raouf M. Abdelnabi, Özlem Altun, Tadeas Klaban, Abraham Fung, Artur Staškevitš, Benjamin Ennenmoser, Roberto Naboni

© Images: AC11 Instructors and students

Many Thanks to Bollinger + Grohmann Engineers, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Institute of Architecture